Safety in your playground

All of Theories’ projects are validated by a professional and independent risk assessment in the form of a post installation inspection report.

This ensures that the design complies with British and European standards EN1176 for playground equipment and EN1177 for impact absorbing playground surfacing.

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Safe play areas & playgrounds are key to all of our designs

We believe that our equipment is as safe as it can possibly be and our compliance with British and European standards EN1176 for playground equipment and EN1177 for impact absorbing playground surfacing supports our beliefs.

Is your work guaranteed?

All Theories landscaping and environmental work carries a minimum 6 months guarantee, but is subject to appropriate usage.

Surfacing supplied by our nominated subcontractors normally carries a 5 year guarantee.

School playground equipment carries a 2 year guarantee subject to appropriate usage and excludes some fixtures, fixings and fittings.

The expected life of our timbers is in excess of 10 years. Naturally occurring splits, knots and cracks in timber are not covered by a guarantee. The warranty covers the supply of parts only and does not include any installation labour costs.

What about repairs and maintenance?

Maintenance is regrettably always going to be necessary to some degree or other. Like maintenance-free planting, it does not really exist whatever is said to you – plants grow and need clipping, plants sometimes die and require replacing.

Timber, in particular, will greatly benefit from ongoing biannual re-treatment.

Theories are able to offer a comprehensive maintenance and repair service for any of our installations. Repairs and maintenance can normally be carried out very quickly, especially if you are located within London and the surrounding areas.

How often should we inspect our playground?

Head teachers are responsible for ensuring the safety of their outdoor play environments. Apart from a daily visual check and quarterly written checks (normally carried out by the premises manager), it is advisable to commission an annual inspection report. Theories Landscapes Ltd can do this for you and we relish the opportunity to revisit our projects to see what is successful and what, if any, problems have been arising. In this way we learn and refine our playground design and construction techniques.

An annual report will provide significant defence if there is an accident in the playground, your position could be considerably weakened if not available. In our experience, a regular inspection regime can also significantly reduce maintenance costs.

An annual report will comprise an analysis of all play features and the play environment, together with a risk assessment and detailed costed maintenance recommendations. We will also endeavour to carry out any minor repairs on school playground equipment that we can at the same time charge. Costs are £250/report when Theories are commissioned.

Theories Landscapes Ltd can carry out all repairs, remedial work as well as maintenance tasks if desired.

Are Theories staff CRB checked?

It goes without saying that for safety throughout, yes, all our playground design staff and installation teams are CRB checked.
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Is playground design necessary?

It depends upon the situation and your ambition. Play is a complex and fascinating activity and it needs to be safe. We hope that our 30 years of designing and making natural playgrounds, throughout the UK, adds a more sophisticated palette of play solutions and options than the traditional array of catalogue school playground equipment. Our careful design will also improve the overall safety of your playground for those using it, ensuring that the correct materials, surfaces and plantings are used throughout.


What about risk?

It has become increasingly more recognised that the endeavour to eliminate risk in play, in reaction to parental fears and litigious paranoia, is neither possible nor desirable. Taking risks is a necessary part of play and the play experience. There is also evidence that shows that safe play is boring and the children compensate for the overly safe play environment by inventing dangerous activities.

Rather than eliminate risk, we instead deliberately design in a sense and quality of risk where appropriate. This does not mean that accidents will happen within our natural playgrounds and on the school playground equipment we build, it simply means if properly used and supervised, the children will be able to experience and manage risk responsibly. Risk management is an essential and important skill, and without the opportunity to develop it in play, that lesson can never be learnt until it’s too late.

Below, we’ve linked to different resources where you can read more on the concept of risk benefits in playground design:

HSE: Children’s Play & Leisure – Promoting a balanced approach It’s health and safety gone sane!

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Hardwearing and long lasting, astroturf has the natural look and feel of grass, but is easier on maintenance.



Using top quality materials means that your play space will last longer and require less maintenance, repair or replacement.



How your playground is constructed effects it’s level of safety. We ensure that there are no fixings left proud to snag or fingers.

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What our customers are saying about us

“’We are thrilled with the new playground, the children love it and it does make the teachers’ work easier as the set up is so accessible and easy to maintain.

The climbing frame works really well, the children use both the upper and lower level, which is a home corner at the moment. As we are outdoors in all weathers the climbing frame not only offers shelter but it’s an exciting and relaxing place to be in. The design enables the children to lead and initiate different games in different areas rather than just run around dangerously.’”


Ey Leader, Copenhagen Primary

“Theories have been essential in helping us realise our plan for a new and innovative adventure playground. It has proved highly successful and popular with the local children and staff alike. The play environment designed by Theories is supporting creative play activities in many different and varied ways.”

Tim Wallder

Play Director, IGC

“Theories have consistently been able to listen to our staff’s wishes as well as the needs of individual children and go on to create unique, challenging and interesting play environments where every nook and cranny counts and where every child can explore their own varied play needs safely and happily.

Theories are a one-stop professional playground solution, seamlessly integrating every aspect from helping formulate a design brief, producing design proposals and budgets, to carrying out the build contract with their own skilled staff, and finally offering on-going maintenance support.”

Stewart Harris

Head, Phoenix Primary School, E3

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