Planting & landscaping for your play space

Naturalising your playground or play area with planting can change the overall dynamics of play.

Sensory stimulation through touch and smell increases play interaction and adds another educational dimension to the space.

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Sensory Stimulation • Seasonal Change • Exploration • Auditory Stimulation

At Theories we’re more than playground builders, as our name suggests, we’re also landscapers.

Landscaping adds a whole new dimension to your playground or play space.

Child friendly

It goes without saying that any planting should be child friendly, but planting adds so much more:

Sensory stimulation through touch – different leaves, rough, smooth, shiny, thick, thin.

Sensory stimulation through smell – fragrant herbs, flowers and ground cover.

Sensory stimulation through sight – seasonal variation of colour as your planting changes your play space through the seasons.

Sensory stimulation through hearing – bamboo creates sound throughout the year, leaves in the autumn and the wind blowing through planting the year round.

Natural design

Playground designs that encourage naturalized play are always at the top of our list, and planting is always encouraged.

Planting can enclose areas, introduce shade and can be used in play and bring in wildlife such as butterflies, bugs and more.

As well as their sensory benefits, plants add so much more. They soften areas and encourage children to learn about them, how they grow, helping them to grow and in some cases, picking and eating.

Plant choice

Carefully selected planting can introduce a variety of colours to what could be a drab play space enhancing the overall play experience.

However carefully chosen, planting does require some additional work once we’ve left, so we can work with you to choose suitable planting to suit the time and resources that you may have.

Drought-tolerant and easy to keep planting means you can add a deeper experience to your play space without constant upkeep or management.

Dedicated aftercare

A Theories playground is built to last, but all playgrounds need regular checks and some TLC from time to time. Our dedicated team can carry out regular safety inspections, ensuring your playground is always safe, spotting problems or maintenance requirements early on, saving your needless worry and costs for major upgrades, repairs or replacements in the future.

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playground planting 3 - theories landscapes
playground planting 4 - theories landscapes

At Theories we believe that every playground should be unique as well as educational. Playground landscaping add to the uniqueness.

Having planting as part of your play area is appealing to young children and can help generate an interest in nature, which in today’s society is something we should be encouraging.

A full sensory garden might require too much room, but wild flowers and herbs can be planted in even the smallest of areas, even growing of vegetables doesn’t require large amounts of space.

Depending on where your play area is located, even the smallest of inner-city playgrounds can attract ladybirds, butterflies, bees and birds. For those in less restricted areas, your planted areas may even attract hedgehogs and other small critters such as grasshoppers, beetles and spiders – all adding to the value and learning your play space brings.

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playground planting 6 - theories landscapes


Natural low-maintenance planting can be used to enhance the look of your play space, softening hard areas. Importantly, it can enhance the educational aspects of your play space introducing touch, smell and sound.



Not all plants require lots of space or regular watering, yet add a different and softer element to your play areas.



Herbs such as sage are easy to keep, take little maintenance, yet add fragrance and texture.



Soft planting makes the environment safe for play – no thorns, no fuss.

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What are customers are saying about us

“’We are thrilled with the new playground, the children love it and it does make the teachers’ work easier as the set up is so accessible and easy to maintain.

The climbing frame works really well, the children use both the upper and lower level, which is a home corner at the moment. As we are outdoors in all weathers the climbing frame not only offers shelter but it’s an exciting and relaxing place to be in. The design enables the children to lead and initiate different games in different areas rather than just run around dangerously.’”


Ey Leader, Copenhagen Primary

“Theories have been essential in helping us realise our plan for a new and innovative adventure playground. It has proved highly successful and popular with the local children and staff alike. The play environment designed by Theories is supporting creative play activities in many different and varied ways.”

Tim Wallder

Play Director, IGC

“Theories have consistently been able to listen to our staff’s wishes as well as the needs of individual children and go on to create unique, challenging and interesting play environments where every nook and cranny counts and where every child can explore their own varied play needs safely and happily.

Theories are a one-stop professional playground solution, seamlessly integrating every aspect from helping formulate a design brief, producing design proposals and budgets, to carrying out the build contract with their own skilled staff, and finally offering on-going maintenance support.”

Stewart Harris

Head, Phoenix Primary School, E3

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