Osmani Primary School – London

Osmani Primary School in London’s E1

This case study looks at the schools vision, the challenges, our design and the completed project.

Wetherby School 1 - Theories Landscapes
Our Clients Vision

Our client, an inner city primary school, approached us with a unique task involving their school play area.

While this was a large space and was already actively used by the children, it was largely just sport pitches netball etc, murals and games like hopscotch painted on tarmac.

The client wanted to have additional play elements to encourage different interaction and play in the area. They also requested parts of this playground be delineated, allowing them to create distinct play zones for the children.

The original tarmac playground
osani before

Our Design

We agreed with the client that a redesign of the whole area was the best way forward.

The new design allowed for a large decked area, more play/climbing equipment, some safety surfacing at the foot of a new slide, a bark play area, planters, a bespoke waney edge fencing to divide the areas, and new covered play areas. Radically different from the simple tarmac playground it will replace.

Not all the old playground was replaced, as we were able to carry out maintenance to some of the existing structures, replacing some of the timber and cleaning all areas.

Finally – we also painted panels and fencing adding creative colour.

Our Design Wetherby _Theories Landscapes
The Site Period

The school wanted the work done over half term, while that had hard start and finish dates, but it did mean we had unrestricted access and the entire play area to ourselves.

This meant we could set up our work area and build some of the equipment on site.

While there were no children, there were several other trades working in the school so we had to share the carpark, for parking and skips, and access to the site.

This worked well all round, and we had a good working relationship with the other trades.

Our Design Wetherby _Theories Landscapes
Our Design Wetherby _Theories Landscapes

The Challenges

As we embarked on the task of dismantling some of the existing timber structures and seating, we discovered that a larger amount of timber needed replacing than initially anticipated, primarily to comply with health and safety regulations.

This process also entailed the removal of substantial amounts of timber walling that had been concreted in place, subsequently requiring us to infill the resultant holes and gaps with concrete. This resulted in a somewhat patchwork appearance in the finished area – a cosmetic issue we hope to rectify in future improvements.

Given the logistical challenges with deliveries at this location, we adopted a hands-on approach. We personally collected the required materials and transported them to the site, ensuring smooth progress despite the constraints.

The Completed Project

We are very happy with the finished project and the client has given us a very positive reaction to what has been installed.

What was a bland, largely tarmacked play area has been transformed into a colourful, exciting and functional play area. With separate area’s for children, with more recreational play equipment, climbing equipment, bench seating, safety surfaces and planting.

As we tend to – the use of natural wood is a theme running throughout the play area. The separate area’s were created using wood fencing. Wood was the material for the benches, raised beds and recreational equipment. The result being a natural, and attractive play area that will be strong, durable and resilient.

Overall, we are thrilled with the final result of the project, and we are delighted to hear that the client is also very happy with the installation. Their positive reaction to the space is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication to delivering a stunning and functional outdoor space. We are proud to have been a part of bringing their vision to life, and we look forward to creating more beautiful outdoor spaces in the future.

osani before
osani before
osani before
osani before
osani before
osani before

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