Monks Risborough Church of England Primary School

Improving play safety and extending equipment life.

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Our Clients Vision

The client reached out to us with a vision of enhancing their outdoor trim-trail equipment while prioritizing safety and longevity.

They were keen to explore the possibility of installing safety surfacing to elevate the overall experience.

Additionally, our team recommended a comprehensive approach, which included refurbishing the existing timber trim-trail by sanding it down and applying a protective oil coating.

This dual strategy aimed to not only ensure safety but also extend the life of this beloved outdoor adventure space.

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Our Design

Our collaborative design process commenced with a thorough consultation with the client to understand their specific needs and preferences. Together, we explored various surface options to determine the most suitable choice for their trim-trail area. In addition, we engaged in a detailed discussion regarding the scope of surfacing installation, presenting two viable options for the client’s consideration.

Recognizing the importance of adhering to the budget constraints outlined by the client, we worked closely with them to ensure that the project met both their financial expectations and desired outcomes. Ultimately, we collectively decided to implement option 2 for the surfacing, a decision aimed at optimizing cost-effectiveness while encouraging children to utilize the trim-trail equipment as intended – from one end to the other.

To infuse vibrancy and fun into the space, we offered a selection of color choices for the safety surfacing, ultimately settling on a captivating blend of three distinct colors, enhancing the visual appeal of the area. Furthermore, we diligently attended to the timber components, conducting sanding and oiling procedures to rejuvenate the wood’s appearance and extend its lifespan. As a final touch, we meticulously tightened any loose fixings to ensure the trim-trail’s structural integrity and safety.

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The Site Period

With a designated one-week timeframe for project completion, we are delighted to share our achievement of finishing this endeavor in just four days, a testament to our commitment to efficient and timely execution.

Throughout the project’s duration, we maintained open lines of communication with the site manager and staff, valuing their input and feedback to ensure every aspect of the design and construction aligned with their expectations. Their satisfaction and active involvement were paramount to us.

To facilitate the project’s smooth progression while prioritizing safety, we implemented Heras fencing to secure the work area. This strategic measure allowed the remaining playground space to remain accessible and functional, promoting uninterrupted play for the children. Furthermore, this thoughtful approach enabled the young ones to witness the transformation firsthand, generating excitement and anticipation for their upcoming enhanced play area.

The Challenges

Undoubtedly, one of the primary challenges we encountered in this project was the need to operate within a live school environment during the academic term. To mitigate any disruptions to the school’s daily routine, we meticulously scheduled our deliveries to coincide with non-peak hours, avoiding the bustling drop-off and pick-up periods. This careful planning allowed us to minimize any inconveniences to the school community while ensuring the safety and security of all involved.

Our team, comprised of DBS-checked professionals, boasts extensive experience working within school settings. Their familiarity with the unique demands of such environments ensured a seamless and harmonious execution of the project. We took great care to uphold the tranquility and functionality of the school while making transformative enhancements to the play area, all while prioritizing the well-being of students, staff, and visitors alike.

The Completed Project

The true measure of our success lies in witnessing the joy and excitement of children as they now freely explore and enjoy the revamped play area, complete with its new safety surfacing. This transformation not only ensures their safety but also breathes new life into the timber trim-trail, extending its longevity for years to come, provided it receives regular maintenance.

We are delighted to report that our client expressed their utmost satisfaction with the project’s outcome. The children’s enthusiastic reception of the revitalized area was a testament to its success. Their positive feedback has been heartening, and we are equally pleased with the final result.

Furthermore, we take pride in our commitment to adhering to the original project timeline, a factor that our client has acknowledged and appreciated. Their gratitude for our timely completion of the project reinforces our dedication to professionalism and client satisfaction.

This project exemplifies our unwavering dedication to creating safe, enjoyable, and lasting outdoor spaces for children. We are thrilled to have surpassed our client’s expectations, and we look forward to continuing our mission of enhancing play environments for children across the region. For a more in-depth look at this project, we invite you to visit our website and explore the full case study.

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